To My Love and Life: My Wife

Written by: Ray Dillard

Words I write cannot describe
  the feelings that I have inside.
You fill my heart with warmth
  that never will subside.

I watch you as you move about,
  engaged in chores around the house.
I see your silhouette beneath your gown.

My eyes are older now,
  but still know what they like.
Your eyes are lit as candles burning
  softly in the windows of your soul,
  inviting me to visit all my life.
And when your lashes gently close,
  I feel the love that we both know.

Your lips are fruit ripe on the vine.
Sweeter still because they're mine.
To kiss forever, would be divine.

I'll never grow tired of your touch,
  or of softly tracing fingers,
  along your body's curves,
Ending with a little pat 
  where no one else shall know.

I hope your arms will always hold me
  like our love is new.
And know with every breath you take
  that I love only you.