It's over

Written by: laura Hew

It's over
like staying up all night waiting for the perfect sunset only to be ruined by the rain that pours 
all over it.
the delightful song
of my cellphone is dormant 
 possibly in a coma
Exhuasted from the back and forth texting we implored on it.
compulsively I pop open the samsung like a fish peeking above the surface
hoping to find something that sustains, or makes us feel that we have a purpose
but it's over
It was glorious while it lasted
Like a monarch butterfly taking flight, painting the sky with an auburn fire
I was your phoenix... 
But I was unable to be reborn for you
I wish you knew.... what an incredible impact you've made on my life
You are my muse
Everything that I works towards... is for you

My life currently was not made for two
No you.
No late night fights that end in slammed phones or apologetic desires for passion
so I recognize that it's over
and that I have a lot of growing up and sacrifice to do.
Goodbye friend, How dearly I shall miss you