The Parasitic HitchHiker

Written by: Brandon Basson

The whiner without hands is dealing
Struggling to make things thought appealing
At least try to ditch the genuine feeling
That mars your art in grey
Erasing some anonymous name
Clutching at straws while seeking fame
A hypocrite playing an age old game
With a weak suicidal display
Through the blue of today, sleep deprived
A tick in the feathers about to swan dive
Judging while seeking to be recognized
Hitching your way to the top
You’ll know you’ve won by beating the best
Creatively lacking the force to express
Biting your tongue must lead to unrest
Your efforts reflect belly flops  
A childish intrution, as I’ll never be
Spreading algae on a rotting tree
A cry for help while hoping they’ll see
The error of your ways
Opened the can, but failed to impress
Portraying a cause now robbed of zest 
Reaction is better than nothing, I guess
If you’re lost in a cryptic maze