What else is left?

Written by: Rasheal Timm

The day of renew,
Love is but a fluke,
If i feel,
Happiness, ecstacy, and fear,
Sadness, confusion, and cheer,
Because they are are so dear,
Is this what love should do?

Is the tears I shed because i'm in love?
Is is it why the blue skies turn into grey skies above?
If I feel,
The hearts fire, destiny, and real,
Lust, life's bliss, and loves bond so sealed,
Is this love's atmosphere?

Is there reasons why god blessed me with this man?
Who knows how to take me by the hand? 
And guide me through the desert sands?

I love you more than words can tell,
Only having you forever is my wish,
My heart is yelling as loud as it can yell,
And my love is sealed with a soulful kiss,

Marry me,
Make me as happy as i can be,
Make every morning you i see,
Make your love the only one I need,
Please, please, just marry me,
Bind our lives with a ring,

No matter if i feel sadness, fear, love, cheer, happiness, the moments that are so sincere,
It is what makes me me see,
That loving you is ecstacy,
What else is left but to marry me?