In A Jiffy

Written by: jai Garg

Freak us together,
In beauty and love to cast,
Life time of longing,
Moments to cherish and burn;

Know it for freedom,
Our love wants us to be one, 
Truths in sensation,
A joy we can feel to learn;

Link me to pleasure,
In new longing to see you,
Shadows I may click,
Vision blurs and blends, I blink;

Blush me endearments,
As my heartbeats follow you,
Thrill me forever,
With a lovable smile to grow;

Hold you in magic,
To breathe a freshness in love,
Glee with sensations,
Quivers in default I wish;

Touch you with feathers,
As you lust for misty winds,
Lewd my intentions,
Go dizzy for I exist;

Numb yourself with fire,
Seduced with warmth by my lips,
Clashes in our tongue's,
As foreplay rolls to grin;

Lure me with passion,
To crush and knead your compliance,
Tender thy fury,
Provoked they tend to cry;

Feel rubbing fingers,
Molesting you all the time,
Raptures to play,
I demand the same form you;

Teeth and the nail marks,
I dig and bite with relish,
Infuriate hunger,
Till you yearn in pure turmoil;

Music on piano, 
Playful high notes to sing,
For we burn fingers,
As our skills torment quavers;

Curve and cleft defy,
Urges coaxing to climax,
Hit and run choices,
Can we surrender to dream?