Parsley and Beyond

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

In this, the fairest city of romance, and inside the marvelous museum to which I have made my first pilgrimage as a lover of art, I stand in contemplation, mesmerized by my first look at an original Renoir. I catch sight of a vision even more spectacular across the room from me! Involuntarily, I gasp! Those sweet sparkling eyes! That head of thick dark hair, tousled as if you’d just come in from playing with the wind! “Beautiful” falls in silence from my lips. And then you see me too. . . but you do not lower your eyes as normally a stranger would do. Instead, you penetrate my soul with the intensity of your unwavering gaze. Feeling suddenly exposed, as if you have read my most intimate thoughts, I look away, but not before seeing the most radiant of smiles play across your handsome face. I store this breathtaking moment in my memory and abruptly walk away. Your essence has seeped into my subconsciousness, for every night this week, I have wonderfully erotic dreams, and you are the leading man. Like a kitten given a whiff of her first catnip, I’ve been smitten. My feral side has been unleashed and I am now a cat, longing for you in the heat of my nights. I call for you, and suddenly you are right next to me, your caresses lingering on my skin as you smile down on me with that same captivating grin with which I’ve so hopelessly been taken in! Always I awake, breathless. . . . but like a fresh sprig of garnish on a completely empty plate, the dream is not enough to dull my unrelenting ache. One thought occupies my mind: to find you! You seemed so natural in that place the first time I beheld you, surrounded by bronze statues of Greek gods. Surely you will return there to the Louvre. And so I keep going back to my Mecca until finally. . . I glimpse you once again, and again, the sudden intake of my breath! Fortune has smiled on me, for recognition has lit your eyes, and you grace me again with your own special smile of warmth. I silently beg cooperation from the stars in the heavens. Oh, that all the planets will have aligned themselves for me today, for I see you now, and you are walking, with no hesitation, straight toward me! I tremble with expectation, and deep inside the heart of me, I have the most optimistic feeling that I won’t be waking up hungry any more. . . and that parsley will now adorn a plate completely full. For Conteset by Rambling Rose: Breathtaking Love And now for Skat's old romantic poems........ Poetry Contest