Just Believe

Written by: Jessica D'Agostino

Can you imagine...
Life without love.
Love without hope.
Hope without faith?
Hope stems from longing
to make things right.
Even if it's not within reach.
While praying in the night.
Have faith in what you cannot see.
Have trust in what you cannot hear.
No matter what you feel.....
There is always someone out there that loves you,
even if you do not return that emotion.
Have faith in yourself.......
Be true to yourself.....
That is the only way to live in this life.
Life moves quickly, time passes by.
If you care, make it known.
Don't let that love die!!
Even with friendship.
Sometimes you get hurt.
But love is still there.
It is not a curse.
Forgive those that love you,
and still keep your faith.
Hope will be lurking.
Believe and just wait.