Me, Myself, And I On Life Street

Written by: Anthony Barrow

Pay attention and listen to the words that i mention, no need for fishing for fiction 
for my vision's on a mission. To keep my goals in sight without getting uptight, i'm a 
man i take a stand for what i feel is right. I never hang with a crowd or try to get real 
loud, or walk around with a frown with my head in a cloud. Although i do have 
dreams i'm courageous and strong, i believe in myself as my life goes on. I can not 
and will not ever decline, my bests foots forward and i'm going for mine. See my life is 
like a highway i gotta keep straight, if i change my lane i might meet my fate. It's an 
open road highway i'm in my lane, i'm too far gone with alot to gain. I'm gonna sing 
a song and dance my whole life long, i'll pay a price in my life for everything i do 
wrong. If i beat cheat steal kill or lie, i'll have noone else to blame except me myself and 
i. When i look in the mirror my reflection i see, if i take the wrong path the wrong 
direction i'll be. I wanna go through heaven's gate don't wanna be late, i'm gonna look for 
satans hook i'm not gonna take the bait.