Written by: Mohammad Hussain

I never thought I would learn to love
the way simple lovers do
I always thought it was impossible
Yet I found myself so deeply in love with you

Now I know what love is
And you are my reason why
You convinced me to let you into my soul
and you promised you would not lie

I watch you all day and in the dawn
Under the sun and in my lawn
I see you in a way I had never before
I f anything were to happen to you,
I would love you forever more

I fought my feelings along the way 
Till I found you there with me to stay
I have found my love in life 
so promise me that you'll never 
stab my heart with a knife

If you told me once, you told me twice
just how beautiful love can be
Yet I never realized until now
You were talking about you and me

You have brought me such happiness
It takes all my sorrows away
and with my endless loyalty 
I will so lovingly repay

You are my love in life 
this I will never forget
you are my beautiful wife
this I knew from the moment we met