My Independence Day

Written by: Karen Dominick

The day dawned like any other day
time moving faster than I could
and me still not caring if time stopped altogether
I had no future, I only had yesterday
The dust of broken dreams floating in empty space
only served to remind me I had fallen from grace
with worn out excuses of being so misunderstood.
Then I found my long awaited answer 
It came from above and it came from within
shocking me right back into the reality
I had hidden an emotional cancer
with my apathetic shield of armor called skin
It was finally the hour to forgive my sin
to let go of the past, learn to live again
I no longer need to follow my shadow
It can follow me if it can keep up the pace
I have a crystal clear view from my window
of my gratitude exploding in a splendid array
at being given a chance to win my own race
I am at peace; today is my independence day