The Unconditional love

Written by: SHINY OOMMEN

Life got busy and I ran around to put my best
I made money,I got power,I got fame
I again rushed  to lift up my name
But Lord I forgot you and did the rest.

Slowly money overflowed and tangled me
Squeezing me towards the life of dishonesty
The smiles of fame overpowered my identity
And I forgot Jesus,my saviour, completely

The colours of fame started to fade
The pool of dishonesty poured above money
I got stranded and  I lost everything I made
The rush for fame stopped my lifeS  journey

I looked pale,I looked blank
Just like a kid who lost his track
I cried out aloud in the wilderness
Then I remembered He is with us

I ran to him,I shed my tears
But He smiled at me and said he knew
He knew my worries,He knew my pain
But waited for me to call his name.

He took me in his arms and said
I waited for you each minute of life
So that you would call me
Father, be by my side

Jesus my father,forgive me
I knew not your unbounded mercy
I sinned away all my life thoughtlessly
But you oh Lord loved me unconditionally