Written by: Frankie Gaynor-Archer

I wish I hadn't come here
I wish I hadn't seen that
I wish I hadn't bought this
I wish I my hair was longer
I wish I was physically stronger
I wish I was orchestral and volumetric when in the presence of nobility
I wish I was commanding and vibrant when amongst the petty crowd
I wish I'd studied more at school
I wish I was financially secure for damn sure
I wish I was rich beyond my wildest dreams
I wish I was systematic, diplomatic, enigmatic or something equivalent
I wish I could afford to be flippant like an aristocrat's only spoilt child
I wish I had a leather jacket like that
I wish I could dance like Michael Jackson, James Brown or Nijinsky
I wish I could entice, excite, enlight, enrich
I wish you'd shut up and sit down.......in that order
I wish you wouldn't do that
I wish you'd stop swearing...........and spitting for that matter
I wish to be appreciated..........not depreciated
I wish you were here instead of me being tortured
I wish I was somewhere else being pampered
I wish God was here in my hour of need
I wish I hadn't said that
I wish you'd sit down and be quiet
I wish the sun and the earth would collide and thus rid me
                          of these crippling debts and continuous bad health
I wish I could sleep at nights without the aid of tablets
I wish to retract that last statement
I wish Priests Court was a dual carriageway
I wish you'd stop shouting and moaning and pushing
I wish to be excused
I wish the train of good fortune would for once....if it's not too much trouble........stop long 
enough for me to participate
I wish to be adored and envied by no-one in particular
in fact.........
I wish to be called Gloria in future.............if you don't mind
I wish you'd stop laughing .....I jest you not.....it's a serious matter
I wish you loved me
I wish you were obsessed.......to the point of sickness
I wish you were mine basically.
I wish I'd met you years ago.