Written by: Norman Purvis


Come to me, from  far away.
Where ever you are I want to be.
I need you  just as you need me.
The vibrations you send rock my heart.
Sympathy and love for you.
Begin to start.

Gone the lonelyness and discontent.
I have a wonderful friend.
Sent by internet.
We exchange all our news opinions and views.
Hopes of happiness and dues.

If down we are lifted up by an e-mail from internet.
It's my friend who gives comfort and relief.
From all the pain and grief.
Just a friendly wave or  I love you.
Is enough to make me happy too.

If you are alone like me.
And would like to be..
A true friend and confident.
I offer myself to you for friendship true,
Lasting forever, new.

I will never let you down or turn away.
No matter what with you I will stay.
Through the good and the bad times
Together we play
Till the end of the day.

Norman Purvis.