Written by: elijah prophet

you have touch the very essence of my being only to bring me to a place of pain.
be that as it may, i shall emerge still embraced with the of those who deem me to be
that being who has love as his necklace, wisdom as his kinsmen, and understanding as
his eternal companion.

i shall lovew you with an inferno spirit that will cause all your illness to disspate into 
nothingness. for truly love is stronger then death and what has been orchestrated be-
tween us by God Almighty shall never die once we leave these weary vessels, that house
our physical memebers.

i shall race with the gazelles just to bring you the hope of your lost dreams and asperations.
we shall always be a symbiosis that all those who lost hope in the love of life to,. to see it 
can be theirs if they only believe.

you are hers if she told you. you are his if he told you. then doubt not because of what looks
to be that which is'nt.  let the pillars of trust be errected upon the window pane of your mind 
and allow it to rest upon the doorsteps of your worthy hearts.

then and only then will you know the meaning of unconditional love in this life, where some 
say it will never be. gaze within the wings of your soul and know its worth and then tell her
that she is the very breath of your breath and he's the very beat of your heartbeat, then 
love each other's spirit and mind, and soul before you ever love each others flesh.  for such 
is the true covenant a holy union between a woman and a man