Kirsten (A Poem By One Of My Best Friends)

Written by: Kirsten Lindner


Kirsten has really pretty eyes,
She's loving, caring, and she never lies.
She helps me whenever I'm lonely or sad,
She doesn't like when boy's are bad.
Cuz she's a nice person and loves Jesus,
And anyone would help her if she ever sneezes.
Her best friend's name is Kath,
My love for her is taking a wrath.
Whenever she's awake, the sun will rise.
She's really cute, and has many natural highs :) (inside joke)
She's really smart in so many ways,
With her in your life, you'll have brighter days.
So give her a chance in your
miserable lives.
Cuz you'll love and miss her whenever
she dies.
But her smiles will never die, but live
Giving her up will make your 
Heart Sever.

-Josh T.