If Love Were Just A Number

Written by: Michael Poyntz

If love were just a number
then I must be that number
that falls right after infinity ends
and just before completeness emerges
from the other side of time
there are times  I feel 
as if I live on a street
with no doors…..
because no one knocks
as if I am sequestered in a space
with no windows……
for I have become invisible 
to those others who want
or need to be wanted
my reflection no longer warrants
even a shadow of it’s own
my belief that there can be more
simply a yearning to keep 
the coldness of loneliness 
from submerging my heartbeat 
into particles of ice
hope the eternal pacifier
that we are not truly alone
would someone else cannot find me 
could I find myself...ever
if love were just a number