Flaming Dart

Written by: Kevin Sabay

The seconds turn to hours, and the days turn to years
Oh what must I do to stop the aging.
I need to grow, and let go of my fears
I see the clock's pendulum swing, as time has begun fading.
They say with time comes wisdom, but I say its untrue
for the more I progress I feel to fall apart,
I wish I knew everything then I'd know what to do
I see death coming for me, like a flaming dart.
I remember being told that I would live forever
but those were the days when I was naive,
eternal and a fulfilling life, that is my endeavor.
plese tell me why, my dear youth, why must you leave?
So as long as my heart beats, and my lungs breathe,
This life I go on living,
I sure do hope to succeed.