Written by: Jessica D'Agostino

Within the time frame of
a few days, I have come
to realize life is not perfect.
If it were, this world would
bore me to death.
Within the same time frame,
I have come to love you even
Is that even possible?
Can you love someone more
and more, each day?
I believe it to be true,
because it continues to
happen to me,
and it makes me all
warm inside,
like a beautiful
summer's night dream.
You wake up and you
cannot help but smile.
For in sixteen days,
I will be able to
explore every possible
reason for loving you,
this much.
Not that I need to;
for I already know.
Exploring though, is the
best part.
Learning, is wonderful.
As I feel closer to you,
each day, to me, is
brand new.
Yet I still know who
you are.
I still know what you
are about.
I still know how you feel.
And I know how much you
love me.
Darling, the feeling is