Thank You

Written by: Jessica D'Agostino

Thank you for the memories.
I think about them, whenever
I feel down.
And they make me smile,
as if you were in the room,
with me.
Thank you for that one
phone call.
The call that helped me
get through a bad night.
As soon as I heard your voice,
my heart skipped a little,
and my worries were yesterday.
Thank you for that kiss goodnight.
Your lips move against mine,
like they were made to match.
Sweet, like a honey blossom,
I can still taste you.
Thank you for encouraging me,
to do better, in my life.
Being with you, has made me realize
that I need to start now.
And if it means I become closer
to you, I will do it with no
questions asked.
Thank you for being you.
You amaze me more and more,
each day.
I did not think I could love as
much as I do, right now.
Oh, but when tomorrow comes,
I will love you even more.
So for that, I thank you.