The One I Lost

Written by: Lorie Hollins

On this date, one year ago
My world was shattered, as I watched you go
With a bleeding heart, in God awful pain
I stood in total disbelief, in tears I could not refrain
Left with no choice, I have been forced to move on without you
Forbidden to give you this love in my heart, so deep,  strong and  true
There are so many nights I've spent alone in silence, so many tears that I have cried
At times, the pain was so overbearing, as I had to say goodbye
For months, I gave it my all, to try and save what we once shared
Very cold and bitter you would not listen, with no remorse, you turned me away instead
Since then, it has been a struggle and those days aren't over just yet
Though this has made many great changes in me, there are some I deeply regret
You were the center of my life, the apple of my eye
If you had ask, I would have stolen the stars, from the midnight sky
You will always hold a special place in my heart
Despite the tremendous amount of heartache you have caused
The truth is, I will always love, The One I Lost