On this day...

Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

Here is a toast to Franshae on the day of her graduation, a day  we have all been 
anticipating! With your head held high and a  new degree in your hand, as you throw your 
cap into the air and celebrate this day with great hope of your future expectations. As I  
reflect back to when your were just a little girl and the light that I saw in your eye's as 
they explored the world with hopes and dreams of what treasures and things that they 
might someday find. As I watched you bloom into a beautiful rose, so now before me here 
stands a beautiful woman, who is well mannered  and a fine example of what any mother 
or father who had a daughter would want them to be...a Kind hearted woman and beautiful 
lady and so very smart too. What an honor it has been for me, to be called your 
godmother and your friend as well. It is with great pride and admiration that I say 
congratulation to you on this day of your great graduation!