The Night we almost weren't

Written by: Jessica D'Agostino

I need to know you'll be there if I fall..
Will you still catch me?
Will you comfort me in times of need,
or tell me you don't know if you should hold me?
Reacting to comfort should not be a chore, but something
you long to do.
But everyone's different, as you have said.
And this, I believe, is true.
It doesn't take much to wipe my tears, or put your arms
around me.
It shouldn't be hard to understand my fears,
As I've explained them to you so profoundly.
I need to know you're giving one hundred percent,
as you know I have been.
If it weren't for this love I have, I wouldn't put so much in.
I need to know you'll stand by me, if I start to fall to 
Otherwise this would all be a huge mistake.
But maybe I'd be more courageous.
I'm too in love to just let go over something we 
disagree on.
I hope in your mind you're thinking the same, instead
of "Together, we might be wrong".
Everyone argues and doesn't agree on every, little thing.
We must get past this in order to move forward,
because you used to make my heart sing.
I still feel that, deep down inside.
But will you be there, when...
I need your love and I need you most....
Don't just let this end.