Love of an Angel

Written by: Steve Harvell

Without you, my life just merely exists. 
Because without you all my hopes and dreams are just that. 
For you have put something wonderful in my world. 
It is there your words I love to hear. 
The one's that let me know how much you care. 
It is without you that my eyes are blind with no sight to see. 
For you have brought marvelous beauty to what didn't exist. 
It is there in my heart that is a dark and lonely feeling. 
One to which now you fill with joy and happiness. 
For without you, the music was just something to ease the hurt. 
But now it is something more as I hear each key on the piano play. 
It is our time we spend though far away. 
It is your smile I see when I close my eyes to pray. 
It's your heart I feel as I lay down at night. 
As I think of what it would be like with you by my side. 
It is there my days grow long as I wait the day of us to be. 
I hear David Nevue as he plays, Watching the Clock. 
As I count the minutes slowly passing by. 
For it is without you my soul desires to love. 
As my pain turns into tears from the love I have for you. 
Like a Cry of the Sea, I hear my waves crash the inside of my being. 
As like the sea, it looks for some place the water can escape its volume. 
It is there I am expose to all that God has given. 
As I find myself loving you in every way. 
But it is your persistent that keeps me fighting to survive. 
As you have given me great hopes of true love. 
Because without you, I never would of love. 
As you are my angel of sweet and pure godly love. 
But it is there I love you the most. 
As my heart feel you tugging hard. 
But it is there I am not without. 
Because you complete me forever as my heart belongs to you. 
With great expectations of my wildest dream. 
It is without you I would just merely exist. 
But because of you that I have found my love for life. 
That of the spirit of my soul I'm down on bending knee. 
As I pray for us never to part this existing of it's being. 
But forever love one another with all our heart and my life I give to thee.