Rain Drop

Written by: Steve Harvell

It is that of the rain to which falls. 
That of a winter wind to which blows. 
It is of the rain drop to which started this day. 
Not that of a sun shine but that of a doom day. 
It is of something wet as it is a mist from that to have formed. 
That of water from the ground to which that cloud had form. 
There I lay, with a thought of you this day. 
As the rain beat lightly on the roof top it runs this day. 
You would think that far up, the rain drops would hit harder. 
But it’s there with gentleness to which God watches its fall. 
As the leaves turn color and it is of a winter fall. 
It’s there; I’m curled in the sheets. 
Wishing you was at my needs. 
As it is with my heart to which reins for you. 
That it’s there to which my heart sweats for you. 
Touches of gentle kindness as you bring that of warmth about. 
It’s there the drops fall as it moistens the ground. 
A rein out from a howl inside, that with a growl for love. 
It’s there I want to experience drops with you. 
As the rain covers the windows on the down fall through. 
Not of cold rain but that of a heat of passion with an explode. 
That we rain in which is a sweat of wetness and an explode! 
As we would take the day off and enjoy that of the rain he gave. 
And make it that not of a rainy day but that of love droplets of spray.