Written by: Steve Harvell

I sat here, staring at the darkness through a windshield. 
The few stars that shines in the sky. 
I feel even that of my soul as I sit here and ride. 
The darkness that exist there. 
The emptiness, the loneliness, the hurt. 
I feel also the joy in my life, there deep inside I know my heart is. 

That of the one I love. 
That of my life's struggle to overcome and be the man I am. 
That of a loving gentleman with heart of pure gold. 
That of the reason I survive is of the lord thy God.
For I have been dead twice, only to walk these days with reason and purpose. 
For what they are is not for me to question but my life to choose.
The right and wrong he has given. 
For there the darkness is but him who holds my life.
The choices I wonder, with no answers do I get. 
But there I know I am blessed. 
For it is not that I want much with what little I have. 
But it is only by his grace I do have.
The love of my heart that keeps my soul striving on. 
That even in darkness, no one can take from me. 
The kind of man I am meant to be. 
I follow my heart to see where it leads.
In hopes of true love and fullness in life. 
Finding myself and who I once was before the darkness. 
Finding a soul mate that I can share my inner self for life.
To share a true love of heart and greatness.

There is a light that shines in darkness.
That proves God's existance.
Because he give us love even through the times of darkness.