Beside You

Written by: Emma Hughes

I Lost My Time And Space To You,
And Though There Is No Embrace,
I Still Feel Your Touch.

I Am Out In This Garden
With Your Fruit Right Infront Of Me
.....So Tempting.
But Beacuse It Can't Taste Sweet For Long,
I Know I Have To Stay Away.

So I Will Be Right Here Beside You
But I'll Be Right Here Without You.

I Lost My Mind
...And I lost Me.
Confused Now By The Path That Once Brought You To Me,
Now All I feel And All I See Is The Memory.
The Memory Of Your Everlasting Energy.

What You Do To Me

I Feel Your Light Vibrate On me
But I'm Blinded So I know I've Got To Stay Away.

So I'll Be Right Here Beside You
But I'llBe Right Here Without You.

Because Your Not Really Here With Me At All