My Confession

Written by: Rae :

I'm just another girl,
Who makes a good impression.
But read very carefully,
For here is my confession.

I smile all the time,
When behind it: a frown.
I make it seem like I fly high,
When I’m really falling down.

I've lost control of everything.
Including my heart if I shall say.
It’s like I need him every hour,
And long for him more each day.

I've done some things,
I wish I’d have never tried.
Like the nights there was so much pain,
I couldn’t help it: I cried.

I sometimes think of dying,
I can’t stop it from coming into my mind.
I desperately look for the old me,
Who I cannot seem to find.

I'm like anyone else this way,
Hoping that you’ll care.
Staying up every sleepless night,
Hoping you’ll be there.

So I’m just another girl, 
That wrote down her confession.
I hope you understand now,
For I’m suffering from depression.