Written by: SKAT A


It all started with an apple 
One simple little bite
Giving all the love we got 
do not walk towards the light
We already gave it our best shot
This is more than good night
Destine has picked out our slot
Paradise might not be a beauty of a sight
Fire and brimstone  will be a different hot
you will see,
Your body will slowly rot
Ready or not 
its to late to give it your best shot
six feet under at the end is all we got
you will see,
we pass the ages of the flood
we had the time to enjoy and be free
now we live the days blood for blood
you will see,
in this world you have nothing left
you will see,
it will all end in death
Breeding on lust and greed
till the day we take our last breath
you will lay and rest in peace 
That is the only thing,
you will see