The Baby Chronicles

Written by: Cody Turner

The Baby Chronicles
Cody B. Turner

Into the world I go
On this awfully bright and shiny day
So many things in front of me
So many words to learn and say
Into the world I go
Full of things bigger than I
Giants hover over my body
Saying comments like “He’s shy”
Into the world I go
Leaving a dark but comfy place
The world I know is no more
The only comfort is a smiling face
Into the world I go
In your arms by giants I am placed
Seeing a smile looking down upon me
Knowing that I can never be replaced
Into the world I go
In store, not knowing what’s for me?
This life I know is too big for oneself
But still that smile’s all I see
Into the world I go
Only one smile to see, no other
This smile deserves a beautiful name
I think I shall call her mother.