Forever, in your keep

Written by: Edward Orozco

Words of spoken love fall deaf upon thy soul, recall the joy of then
When we held hands, when we saw the moon oh sweet sparkling light of trule love
The light reveals all when present, nothing can hide in the dark, and so I emerged
Yet all there is left of you is the memory, the scenes that replay again and again

How can I ever get past the most beautiful time I have ever lived
Reason with my soul, and you will see I truly am crazy, stuck in the depth of your name
It is your very smile that drives the dreams inside me, and I wont fall asleep
Only in my ever lasting sleep can I ever put you past the banks of my all knowing

Spread thy wings and fly high, as I recall you showed me how to love, and so I fell by myself
Long are the hours, oh what pain will I describe in my speech, none to match your judgment
As far as i breathe a scene comes to my eyes, and you live once again by me
You were the color of my every stage, and I your favorite actor, yet one must know all ends

Today it is I whom leaves, I whom weeps of sour days that fall into history
Tomorrow I pray it isnt you, for you deserve better, and I your worst routine
Never did I mean to be whom I was, I dont blame you for leaving, be happy and I too will be
Just know that no matter where you are, in my heart you are, and I in your keep