Alone With Me

Written by: Karen Dominick

In the quietest of moments I can touch with my weary eyes and reminisce on the soft sweet lips of dawn's innocent but early sensual kiss all that I have and all that I miss In the quietest of moments I can wear no real disguise I have nowhere to run no place to hide from the pain that hears sad refrains of too many questions and too many answers and too many hard goodbyes In the quietest of moments I can hear the echo of his reflection of my most sacred affections Such beautiful recollections there for an instant and then gone. In the quietest of moments I can feel with my outstretched hands these fingers holding on to long ago yesterdays prying at tomorrow's memories These hands keeping safe the visions of all of my regrets and indecisions They zoom into focus then just as quickly fade away into the absurdity of black and then gray In the quietest of moments I can see within my heart her unsolved mystery her unsettled history a place where she belongs beating softly to a private song She tries hard to be kind to pay no mind to fear but still She wants to know will she find what she seeks in the coming days and the weeks An elusive key to finally let go and unlock her very soul? In the quietest moments, Silence hugs me as a good friend I have only to sit still for her to come and visit with me again She tells me a secret only we can share There is no need to hurry or despair In the quietest of moments, I am completely free to be all alone with me