voodoo doll

Written by: Travis Tapley

voodoo doll
with your sewn on smile
black button eyes
that cuts my darkness in half

you love me with 
your haitian nights
down on the island
with your scented candles

you cast a spell on me
with your blue denim jeans
sparkling magic of
southern mystery

the french quarter 
spins in my mind
slow down the stars
powder the moon

burn the incense
watch the ashes fall
from my silk laced spirit
pour the oil of desperation
my flaming imagination
paint me a vagueness
of your hottest desire

create your potion of sexuality
give me your animal attraction
i have forgotten my soul

you stab me with 
the steel needle
i am you slave
take me my voodoo doll

so steamy are the bayou nights
standing in the cold
of alabama dreaming