Time 4 Some Honesty (about P D & Me)

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

It's time for some honesty about P D & Me.
I think I've taken this as far as can possibly be.
BILLYtheKidster, aka me
and the Poet Destroyer, aka P D
are both two separate individual personalities
NOT of me.
BILLYtheKidster is all me
and Poet Destroyer, aka P D is 100% P D He/P D She.
Poet Destroyer Is Not Me.
It was fun however basking in P D's glory,
however so briefly.
Thank you P D.
theKidster, Wild Billy

Well I guess that ends this little mystery
(but then again, I may still be screwing with all of you psychologically)
We shall see?