Naked before me

Written by: Juan Paolo Galua

I see you with her
and I know from your eyes
your vision whirled
You hold her hand
and when our gaze met
you unclasp it
No need to hide honey
I know we expired
I thought at first
Time would make us wine
But it just turned us into
a fluid in the mouth
Fermented from sleep
sour, smelly, unswallowable
Your ways of loving
were exposed before me
When our gaze locked,
Don't bow your head yet-
I'm still recollecting it
How sweet you love
Rather how sweet you lie?
The way you thawed my heart
by the heat of your tongue
and now I prove
that tongue's no better than a snake's
and Oh! how sensational you love
You always sent me screaming
through the night
But don't be ashamed honey
if your skill is naked before me
Cause I know for certain
That the lady whom you're with
Will fall to no better than my fate.