Defeating Alcoholism

Written by: Steve Humphries Artist

Why do we go around seeking each others frowns?
You’ve got to let go of preconceptions to make friends down town.
Begrudge no man his time in hand.
A little known something isn’t enough to go around.
Attentively looking out of glasses that make the world seem round 
Don’t get caught up in the hold down wearing dressing gowns.

Wino’s and dino’s keeping flies down
Jumping hoops and flying coups keep the whining clowns 
And in the end you’ll take his hand
Underneath there’s so much going around
There’ll be no more sighing and lying down on the ground
And oh 'shoot' you say it was me who was found

And it’s all going to be ok when they take you away
Yes it’s all going to be ok on your final day
An end to tears and frantic breath
Let it go until there’s nothing left.

And it’ll be ok when it all goes away
No one can have a final day
With tears of joy I’ll hear you say
Let it go until there’s only peace left.