The Mystery Of The Moonlight

Written by: Allie Lusha

As lovers walk hand in hand, with each step their world becomes smaller under the moonlight
Cocooned in their embrace, lips on lips trace, as passion takes hold, under the moonlight  

At midnight, the tormented soul begins his pain the full moon sees his change
grisly slobber drips off mange, his deeds of horror will unfold under the moonlight

The nightingale sings, high in the serenity of darkened branches, for his mate pursued 
he sings in his solitude, so sweetly and invitingly to offer his love untold under the moonlight

In a velvet sky, the unknown sends comets gliding, now make a wish, for whoever sees, 
these fiery tails have dreamed of happiness  to appease and to behold, under the moonlight

Darkness shrouds the night, evil lurks in dank corners of lampless minds, choosing not to
keep the light they own, but sit beside the devils thrown where souls are sold under the 

Outside I walk to clear my head, thoughts of what, in this ghazal should be said, to have a 
chance of a prize, to hopefully hypnotize, times running out and its cold under the moonlight  

For JP's Ghazal contest