Cosmopolitan Dream

Written by: Munir Mezyed

I contemplate the sea…   
 Behold the horses of dreams   
Running over the waves   
Like heavenly gleams,   
And angelic sparrows carrying the sun   
With their silver beaks   
Singing in divine joy   
The song of love and freedom,   
The song of life…   
I sail with overwhelming joy,   
With my passion,   
My dreams,   
My poesy,   
Looking at the sky   
Searching for the face of my one and only…   
I travel alone like the sea   
No passport   
No identity   
No borders   
No check points   
Leaving behind   
My home   
My language   
My sect     
My skin color   
My worries   
My fears   
My mother's face   
And the sad song…   
I wake up with the sounds of aircrafts, tanks, guns,   
Then I know that I was dreaming…!