Be The Hero Or Heroine Of Your Life

Written by: simone segal


Be the hero or heroine of your life, what is stopping you from being proud of yourself? 
First you need to love yourself, no I mean really love yourself!
Does that sound crazy? Who loves themselves? The people who are proud! The people who use
their imagination, set themselves a goal on something they would love to achieve, put a
100% into it and never give up until they have reached that goal! These are the people who
succeed in life, the ones who have faith in themselves!.
Those who act on positive thoughts are sending out and receiving back positive
vibrations’, attracting all their desires. In exactly the same way, those thinking in a
negative frame of mind are attracting negativity towards them.
Does that ring home true to you? Look back at your life and remember when you were feeling
great, one great thing after the other, on an upward spiral, and then BOOM! Something
happens that slaps you in the face and down you go, negativity say hello!
You, me, everyone, we are all the same, we all  have the power in us to reach our goals,
live our dreams, it all depends in which frame of mind we choose to be in, and to believe
in ourselves.
You see, life is all about choices, all we have to do is to make that choice, act upon
great thoughts, not to fall down when things go wrong, after all, as Mickey Rooney once
said, “You always pass failure on the way to success!
Be the hero or Heroine of your life, be Proud!

                                                                              Simone Segal