Destroying Strong Walls

Written by: Destiny Orschell

Forever ago it seems I put up these walls to keep the world out.
I lay alone in a small dark corner refusing to let anyone get close,
thats what I built these walls for, no one was going to hurt me.
I lived in peace inside these walls until one day I heard the noise.
Someone was breaking rocks, crushing stone, destroying my walls.
It took a while a few months at least, but then my dark little cavern
experienced its first light and I understood these walls weren't going to last.
The sunlight streamed in through a large whole in the wall near my roof
and then your face appeared and you smiled brightly laughing at me.
"What are you doing in there? Don't you think it's too dark?"
I shook my head, my walls could come down, but that didn't mean I had to speak.
Each day you tore a little more of my wall away taking away my sanctuary
until one morning I woke to find I was surround by a pile of rubble.
"What did you do with my wall?" I said glaring at you ignoring how my heart felt soft.
"I took it down. How else was I suppose get to you?" you smiled obviously amused.
"But I liked my wall exactly how it was," I pouted, crossing my arms, upset.
"Yeah, but I could tell you how much I liked you with the up now could I?"
I shook my head dazed then looked around at the world;
I guess it really didn't look that bad after all.