aLwAyS BeLiEvE

Written by: Lola jandali

Sun shines after the rain
If you never hurt you’ll never gain
Do my best ‘til I’m out of breath
I know there is life after death

I believe there’s second chance
Like a story that full of romance
Standing up in the life that full of mess
I’ll be on the top, no one can guess

Dreams come true	
Destiny lies with in you
Anything comes to those who wait
I know it’ll come true and that’s great

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Nothing will happen if you’ll only sit and wonder
Every experience teaches a lesson
Do everything you can in every season

Today maybe an awful day
I know tomorrow will be okay
Sometimes there’s no explanation 
You just have to show your affection

Everything is impossible if you just trust
Live your life as if it’s the last
Most people always in grieve
But it’s okay because I always believe