Brain Washing Works

Written by: Danny Nunn

( the poem by Danny Nunn.."The Wind Called Dolores")

Last month here on Poetry Soup, an imposter invaded my space
Un invited she came with a vengeance, she posed as my daughter
For a very good reason, I have not seen her in 20 years
She is a victim of a Satanic cult, "Brain washing" put her in that place
"The Witch" joined the site, under Jennifer Nunn my daughter
Wrote no poems, just a letter to instill fears

I wrote her back and told her that her writing was weak
Saw many holes in it, anyone could write Jennifer's name
She tried to lay a guilt trip on me, it only works  if one is guilty
Trying to get to me and make me feel weak
And what they have done to her is a down right shame
After 25 years, I have got to know the Witch's insanity

If I thought it was my daughter, this is what I would have told her
Since the day that you were born,you have been brain washed to hate me
So in reality, it is hard for you to see it any other way
Please hear a little bit of my side, Jennifer
I don't know how long it will be, but God will set you free
And yes, on Judgment Day they will pay

She tried to buy you from me, that evil female that gave you birth
For $13,000 in a hand written letter proven in court
You say that you heard Grandma died, yes, they murdered her
You see to your mother, well that is all you are worth
And let other things slipped her mind to report
One of these day you will read the book I wrote Jennifer

You say that you are married, happily married you did not say
I saw the wedding picture on Facebook, looked life a hostage situation by those two
Maybe some day your mind will be clear and you can trust us
I know in my hear of hearts, you do not want to live that way
Because, "brain washing" is all that they have done to you
I know you that write poems, this is my poetic justice