Freightful Feelings

Written by: Destiny Budd

I can't tell what it is
Why is he so quiet?
I can't see what it is
Is there something that he's hiding?

It's not the silence
That throws me off
I've just had this sense
When he quickly coughed

And what's with her?
Her eyes constantly moving
And her mouth seems to murmur
Her appearance isn't soothing

It's not the restlessness
That makes me wonder
I just felt cautious
When I first saw her

And I have this horrible dread 
That they have something planned
What's going on in their head?
Should I make a stand?

No, that could make it worse
I'll just keep an eye on them
So I don't end up in a hearse
When they pull out a weapon

So I stay and watch them closely
My eyes scan their every inch
And I can't tell when it will be
But every movement makes me flinch

Wait! What's that now?
He's checking the time
I think they're ready to prowl
To commit this crime

And the girl too
Straightens herself up
What am I to do?
Get off at the next stop?

So I ready myself for the train
Eyes still on the lookout
And they seem to do the same
But to get off and go I doubt

So as the doors part
I dash out past him and her
With fear beating in my heart
I turn back just to be sure

Ohno! They're off too!
But.. they're going separate ways?
It can't be true...
I'm in a daze..

And now an officer
Asks me if I'm alright
And all I do is murmur
With all of my might

"No sir, I'm not"
I'm too paranoid in the mind
I'm not sure what I thought...
I need to relax and unwind. 

December 2009