Written by: Destiny Echo

When I look at you
I see so many things that remind me 
of the memories that we've shared
When we would go to the Ogden river
just to take a walk
When I would call you at 3 in the morning 
just to talk
When I would write you a note
just to say Hi
When smiling was my way
of saying goodbye

When we walked to the river with my dog
and I told you not to splash 
but you did anyway
When we walked through the Great Salt Lake
and I was so grossed out
When we watched the Peta video
and I was crying
You were there and kept me smiling

On New Year's eve
When we walked 12th street
we walked so much that we couldn't feel our feet
When we watched movies all night
Then the next day we went to Wal Mart
and Brandon took that hat

I hope that we can grow old together
so we can say "Do you remember...?"

You're my best friend
Thats all I can say.
I love you more and more each day.