Wat am i to Do

Written by: Marylyn Trujillo

Wat am i to do if life just moves on and i stay still 
stuck in one spot lingering in the past how do i forget
everything just reminds me of u seen u and everyone i see 
i remember the past like it was yesterday!!!

Wat am i to do am so sad thinking to myself help me out
make me forget i know we are different and it just kills me 
inside and to think of the song u put me like the one i was going 
to end up with was going to treat me like crap well look at that its true!!

Life is so different am so sad and depressed everyday i pretend to be some one 
am not and am tired of living in the same thing i like change and i need change
in my life !! Help me out some one hear my screams i need him to know that 
some where inside me i still love him with all my heart and its so hard to forget!!!

But am just to orgullasa like he used to say makes me think what if fate wants
us together i see u when i need to forget you !!! What i need is just some good 
person some one who will love me for me and not for who he wants me to 
pretend to be .