Her Awakening

Written by: Allie Lusha

His manly charms filled her senses as her body yielded with each sensual caress
Hungry for each passionate kiss, she so longed for this, her dreams true

Seeking to taste the saltiness of hot desire as she rode on waves of flooded emotion
She who was lost now reclaims the depths of ecstasy, at what cost, for they redeem true

The rhythm of their tide grows faster, her arms held high, her hair freely flowing
In the breeze of their carnal moans, it’s him, she now owns, and screams true

The guidance of hips, into the union of a wet mist, finding insurmountable pleasure
Intensified by truth and discovery, with lustrous moon and stars silvery, all above beams true

Labored breath brings sated lovers to rest on the shores of blissful contentment
Eyes wide shut she knows, her destiny is beyond what he bestows, the future gleams true