Written by: simone segal

This poem is a collaboration between myself and Jimmy Anderson#0459587
Jimmy wrote Those, I wrote Loving and we shared eyes!

T ime seems to stand still when looking deeply into your eyes
H ypnotizing me at will, taking me to paradise
O ceans of deep blue, riding the waves of your irises
S o stuck on you like the most contagious of viruses!
E xcitedly, I'm under your control, staring deeply into your soul
L ost in a whrilpool of your intire being
O nly you my love, my eyes are seeing
V isions of your beauty, sends me floating above
I ntoxicated I swim in your ocean of love
N avagating a journey so your heart will transpire
G iving my all, to fulfill your every desire
E levated I'm flying like a bird, watch me soar
Y our eyes of pure love, I compleatly adore
E scape with me for eternity to paradise
S howing me the way with those loving eyes!