In A Trance

Written by: Jay Smith

Something so profound,
Something you won't expect,
When she takes you be the hand,
Your heart she will infect,

Take me to the funeral,
I'll watch my heart buried alive,
I'll take my medicine,
Perhaps I can contrive,

She'll twist you to the floor,
Drag you to the bed,
Oh my god,
I have no remedy for the dread,

We see the stones falling,
They're falling from the skies,
Like rain from the storm,
It hits the ground and dries,

She's got eyes that stare right through,
The heart and through the mind,
The stones turn to fire,
As your eyes dry out and you become blind,

Sending shivers right down your spine,
Meet me at the roadside,
Pay the ransom or not,
I'll be waiting outside.

So tell me how well can you swim,
With ropes wrapped around your limbs.