Is It Worth It?

Written by: Patricia Gregory

Is it worth me going back to live a life full of pain
To re-live all that misery would put me back into chains
Is it worth me losing all my hopes and all my dreams
To live that life full of destruction that would make me scream
Is it worth me giving up this battle and this fight
To going back to having sleepiness nights
Is it worth me to want to do those crazy insane things
Knowing it’s a very vicious game that brings nothing but pain
Is it worth me loosing myself or self esteem
While watching them float down a river stream
No, I know it’s not worth me going back to all that junk
To give up my new life that is now worth so, so much!!!!!!

Psalms 119:37
Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things
And revive me in your way.