my little brother :)

Written by: audrey castaneda

my little brother :)
  Sticky fingers and a chocolate face
Broken toys and a broken vase

Cars and trucks here and there
Boats and crayons everywhere

Bats and balls strewn in the yard
Sweaty face from playing hard

Broken bones and bloody knees
Stings from ants and wasps and bees

Feet stomping on the floor
Fingerprints on the sliding door

A painful cry and a whimpering whine 
A mischevious smile that seems to shine

Face being licked by the dog
Rolling around in the mud like a hog

Housing reptiles of all shapes and sizes
Always full of odd surprises

Tracking mud from shoes and clothes
Yet another bloody nose

Sneaking cookies from the cookie jar
Face streaked black with mud and tar

Ketchup stains on your new shirt
Brand new shoes covered with dirt

Sometimes you can be quite a bother
But I love you anyways because you're my little brother
dedicated to roel jr. castaneda