Written by: Michael Poyntz

I cared you before
the thought of kissing me 
had crossed your mind
I actually fell in love with you 
as you crossed the room
and walked straight into 
my heart

I wanted you before
a word had been spoken
but I heard each of  the echo’s of your dreams
as your eyes whispered 
dance with me under the poets moon
  could you see our future reflected within 
my eyes

I needed you before 
we had talked about
places we had been
and people we had known
as you touched my hand
you became the future pulse of 
my heartbeat

I loved you before
the sound of your voice
lifted me in a twilight of gentleness
as if  suddenly being carried by a moonbeam
to our destiny known by the stars alone
and I  had whispered what is 
......  your name